Peacebuilding & Social Cohesion.


Under the Just Future project, TSDO organizes town halls, symposiums, and coordination meetings primarily focusing on women. It engages DFA-related authorities and departments to enhance their capacity and skills necessary for effecting change.

Location of Project

Kandahar, Nangarhar, and Balkh

Funding Agency

Search for common ground (SFCG)

Capacity Building


Capacity building is a core intervention in TSDO’s policy and responsibility, aimed at enhancing organizational team capacity and capabilities, as well as those of targeted communities and related government sectors. TSDO provides capacity-building programs such as training sessions, workshops, and seminars to assist governmental line departments in improving governance, management, transparency, accountability, and sustainability. Additionally, TSDO collaborates with members of the community, formal and informal justice Shuras, and other initiatives.

In 2013, TSDO provided training for 500 staff from various line ministries on topics including Human Resources Management, Time Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Policy and Planning. Furthermore, TSDO’s management provided training in HR, Finance (QuickBooks), Targeting, Surveying, Evaluation, Project Cycle Management (PCM), Planning, and Reporting.


Independent Reform & Civil Service Commission (IRCSC)